How to Communicate and Advertise Effectively to the Modern-Day ‘Cool Kids’ of Gen Z

Have you noticed your attention span worsening?

In this day and age, our attention can be grabbed in two seconds if the words are compelling enough. If not, it will end up going in one ear and out the other, leaving us without any compelling reasons to stay attentive to the topic. No matter what you are selling or marketing, it is important to keep a storyline that will hold the audience's attention. Especially as we are consumers who are constantly being shown advertisements or products to buy through the non-stop technological world in which we are existing.

Advertisements have become deeply engrained in our everyday activities whether we realize it or not. With social media and the evolution of technology, companies and organizations are marketing their material and products everywhere we go with a click of a button or through what we see on a daily basis.

An example of brand storytelling being successful within Gen Z and all generations is:

  • Hamilton.

It seems as though the creator knew that it would be difficult to market a musical that was about history to non-history lovers, however, the way it was created with modern music made many people of all generations interested in the originally “historical” musical.

This is an example of teaching history in an entertaining and non-classroom way, which appeals to those who may not have been interested in history. It also appeals to those who like rap and music of different types.

This resonated with me personally, as I am a young person who does not particularly like history class nor cared to learn about the small details. But Hamilton caught my eye because it feels like you are a part of the movement, learning the story of history while the actors and actresses are on stage or through the wonderfully made songs. One of my friends in fact studied the whole album for an exam! Did I mention she aced it?

Working with Gen Z is difficult as is and it becomes even more complicated as we are all constantly evolving and looking at the world from different perspectives. It is important for those in and entering the workforce to be able to communicate effectively with those in different generations or times in their life.

I think that brand storytelling is an effective way to market to Gen Z because even though we are all different, emotional connection is something that stays consistent and that everyone can understand and follow. While creating a story, it is important to implement these emotional appeals in the proper way in order to have generations of all kinds understand. While also including innovative and creative ways to get the message across, similarly to Hamilton.

Adding some pop culture into the mix always helps as well as it is important to stay relevant to understand and communicate with the ‘modern-day cool kid’ we’ve never been!



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